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Callaway Diablo Edge Golf Wedge Review & Buyers’ Guide 2019

Callaway’s Diablo Edge series of irons provides the longest stainless steel irons on the market, ensuring increased distance and better performance for amateurs. The Callaway Diablo Edge Golf Wedge helps lady golfers get close to the hole for a lower game score and more enjoyment.

Callaway Diablo Edge Golf Wedge

As the top name in golf, Callaway Golf has been the leader of golf equipment trends and technological improvements consistently. Each new Callaway line is the result of years of research into pro and amateur players’ games. The result is equipment that provides the highest in quality and performance.

Callaway Diablo Edge Golf Wedge has two key designs that make it so effective. First, the wedge has a lower and deeper center of gravity than previous clubs, which places the club’s sweet spot at the idea level for casual players. The sweet spot is larger and more accessible for longer drives. In addition, the wedge’s sole is specifically designed to improve shot impact and less the impact of heavy, thin shots.

Technological advancements don’t stop there, though. Like many of Callaway’s other newer clubs, the Callaway Diablo Edge Golf Wedge has both Velocity Slot Technology and S2H2. Velocity Slot Technology, called VST, creates three visible slots on the club’s crown and sole that catch the airflow for 35 percent less drag resistance.

Thirty-five percent less wind resistance means an average of six additional yards. S2H2, or Short, Straight, Hollow, Hosel, is a Callaway exclusive technology that shortens the length of the hosel, which allows more weight to be distributed to the perimeter of the club head. The result is a better feeling and better performing club.

Callaway Diablo Edge Golf Wedge Review

According to one page, ninety-nine percent of users would recommend the Callaway Diablo Edge Golf Wedge to other players, which is a testament to its quality and performance. With an impressive launch angle and ball flight, the wedge is a must-have for players who do not have an effective wedge in their golf bag.

One player sums it up by saying, “Great clubs. Perfect combination of forgiveness, while still being long. Visually appealing when you look down on the club. I highly recommend for all handicap golfers!”